Sustainabilty and CSR

For us, coffee is not just a commodity; it is a way of life. We have dedicated ourselves to specializing in premium differentiated coffees to create the perfect brew for discerning consumers around the world. Our coffee beans travel from our verdant estates in Southern India to delight our customers around the world.

We delight through differentiation.

Differentiation is in supporting our communities

We are dedicated to the communities we operate in. We engage with local communities around our estates to promote a better quality of life. We support the Rural India Health Project Hospital at Ammathi which provides affordable healthcare to the community. In Annamalai, we support the developmental activities of differently-abled children through DARE (Developmental Activities for Rehabilitative Education). In communities around Theni, we run the Girl Child Nutrition Programme and support women self-help groups.

We support The Coorg Foundation towards its mission to promote education and healthcare and cater to the needs of differently abled children. With the intention of educating, training and rehabilitating these children, the Swastha Centre for Special Education and Rehabilitation came into existence.

The aim of Swastha is to develop their hidden talents, give them a purpose towards a better life, minimize the impact of disability by improving the quality of life and thus achieve the goal of socio-economic independence with dignity and self-confidence. What started as a centre with 20 children under its wing, Swastha now provides care and training to close to 130 children through its centres.

Differentiation is in our sustainable farm practices

Our cultivation practices conform to the globally-accepted best standards of sustainability. It is our constant endeavour to use eco-friendly technologies and work towards enriching the soil, water and biodiversity of the regions in and around our estates. We undertake integrated pest and disease management, ensuring the optimal usage of agricultural inputs. With over 1 million shade trees, we incorporate unique shade management practices based on assessing light intensity that is critical to our agronomic practices. Our sustainable irrigation resources mitigate the vagaries of weather. We are continuously enhancing usage of renewable energy. We strive to reduce our effluent loads by utilizing state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies, while continuous re-planting helps rejuvenate the healthy plant population. Our coffee estates, which are SA 8000 certified, ensure international labour standards.

Our coffee estates are located in regions most conducive to the cultivation of the bean. Our premium washed Arabica and Robusta flavours are a result of our state-of-the-art pulping stations that ensure accuracy and consistency of taste and aroma. In addition, the process of carefully calibrated sun drying that we follow at our estates makes sure that the beans are of the right texture.

Differentiation through managing bio-diversity

We believe that being eco-efficient is the only way forward, and thus undertake several initiatives to preserve and enhance the ecological wealth of the areas where our plantations are located. Our estates, combined with neighbouring areas, are home to almost 3,050 native species of flora and 496 native species of animals.

To promote biodiversity, we rely on our unique process of ‘intercropping’, i.e. growing coffee along with other crops like pepper, vanilla, oranges and areca nuts amidst lush canopies of shade. This coupled with an optimal usage of valuable natural resources, has enabled us to sustain the ecological balance across our locations. With an enormous vegetative cover, we have a negative carbon footprint of about 1.71 lakh tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum. Our Wildlife Cell helps mitigate the Human-Elephant conflict, and we are also making endeavours to protect the endangered species of The Great Indian Hornbill in our estates.

Differentiation through R&D and quality assurance

Our R&D drives our innovation and advancements in sustainable practices of cultivation and manufacturing, quality assurance and better waste management. Together, these contribute towards creating superior products. Our laboratory at Pollibetta is recognized as a Centre for Crop Research by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The laboratory drives innovation in the areas of bio-control, quality testing, soil and crop nutrition, adoption of new coffee strains, pest management, bioremediation, waste management and apiculture, among others.

We pride ourselves in our operational processes that help establish traceability of our beans right to the estate they were picked from. Our curing operations are supported by an in-house Quality and Cupping Lab, which is accredited by the Coffee Board of India. This facility along with efficient traceability processes helps us select and warehouse coffees to meet ever growing customer needs.

Differentiation is in the way we care for our people

Care for our people and employees is an indispensable part of our business blend. We believe it has a far reaching effects on our success, and towards this end it has been our endeavour to provide them with the best facilities and opportunities.

Our manpower practices are among the best in the industry, and we focus on continuous training in the field regarding safety measures. We provide comprehensive healthcare cover to our workers through our medical facility in the Annamalai region, and by partnering with RIHP in Coorg for the same. Our estate workers are given hygienic accommodation facilities and we have crèches to take care of their children while they are at work.